Heaven Encounters 2024

San Diego

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The Legacy Center


Join us for one the most anticipated and impactful gatherings for 2024! This is a one of kind event that seeks to understand some of the biggest questions of human existence. Hosted by Randy Kay (renown author of top selling book Revelations from Heaven and speaker on " near death experiences").

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What to Expect


We are creating an amazing space where people can powerfully encounter life changing truth and the real love of God over 3 filled days with impactful messages, live worship and dynamic events.


At Randy Kay Ministries our hearts are for the amazing people of this community and we cannot wait to meet you all and hear your stories. People from around the world will get to meet for the first time to learn and share about Near Death Experiences and build real connections.


With a host of authoritative speakers and panel discussions and powerful ministry we believe that everyone who comes will gain stronger insights and spiritual breakthrough while attending this unique Heaven Encounters Conference!

Leading Authors & Speakers

Your Host: Randy Kay!

After a long flight Randy’s body filled with Blood Clots and in the Hospital contracted MRSA which caused him to go into septic shock and finally death. Randy spent 30 minutes in Heaven with Jesus before coming back to tell his story. Jesus, Holy Spirit and God the father gave Randy 31 new revelations that will take your breath away, restore your hope and help you to understand how much God loves YOU. Randy sits down with David Baldwin and shares his amazing story of Heaven.


John Burke

John Burke, a former near-death-experience (NDE) skeptic, analytically inclined engineer, and once upon a time agnostic decided to delve into the unknown to answer the question: “What’s After Life?” Before and after becoming a Christian, he conducted a 30+ research of thousands of NDE cases and published the most read book about NDEs of all-time, Imagine Heaven. John Burke also started the hugely popular Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, which has now expanded to three churches in Austin and many others around the globe. For the first time, John Burke is now interviewed by someone who has experienced his own NDE/Afterlife, Randy Kay.


Retha McPherson

This mother, Retha McPherson, Spirit led speaker – author of the NYT Best Seller – “Message from God,” shares her inspiring story and insights after temporarily losing her son, Aldo, through a traumatic car accident, as Aldo entered into Heaven, meeting Abraham, Moses – and Jesus. What follows is a series of miracles and deep spiritual insights that will surely transform the listener with a deeper understanding of God’s Love. Even those who may know about this amazing story will discover fresh revelations into God’s spiritual realm to live with more power, and joy.


Dean Braxton

Randy Kay’s good friend and fellow Heaven sojourner, Dean Braxton, shares his amazing story, including keen insights into God’s Kingdom and Throne Room after clinically dying for 90 minutes. This wonderful encounter with Jesus in Heaven will usher you into the Spirit realm and bring you joy regardless of what is happening in your world, or the world around us. Get ready to enter the Throne Room and experience “Deep Worship in Heaven!”


Jim Woodford

When Jim Woodford died, he spent 11 hours in Heaven. When he came back, he was changed forever. A successful airline pilot and businessman, Jim had it all—a loving family, substantial wealth, and all of the good things that come with it. But none of this was enough to satisfy the emptiness he felt in his heart. He always hungered for something more. And then he died. Jim was never a religious man. When it came to matters of God and faith, he was ambivalent. But as he lay in the hospital bed, clinically dead for more than 11 hours, his consciousness was transported to the wonders of Heaven and the horrors of hell. When he returned to this world, he brought back the missing peace his soul had been longing for.


Captain Dale Black

Captain Dale Black was a young man aspiring to become a successful pilot, but while in flight with his mentor, the plane’s engine failed. They crashed, running into a monument, killing those aboard. Suddenly Dale become a spectator of his own body. He later entered Heaven, and met a mysterious family in Heaven. He also encountered Jesus. And he witnessed a city of homes surrounding the throne of God. This all adds up to one of the most incredible stories we’ve ever heard. This is a must see message, accompanied by a breakthrough book. Watch and be blessed.


Karina Martinez

Karina Ferrigno Martinez died and met Jesus in Heaven. She answers some questions many people have about Heaven, like is there a Book of Life (?), what Heaven looks like (?), are there pets in Heaven (?), and much more. Karina’s emotions in sharing her experience are sure to touch your heart as you watch this moving interview with a young mother who suddenly dies!

A brief look at our Schedule

Thursday, 9/12

3:30pm Registration

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Panel Introduction



Friday, 9/13

8:30am Registration


Multiple Speakers

Group Panels

Grief & Loss Breakout

My Family Breakout



Saturday, 9/14

8:30am Registration


Founders Intro

Multiple Speakers

Group Panels

Celebration of Life

Prayer Room

Special Announcements

Conference Closing Ceremony

*Schedule will be updated as we get closer to the event